Free State FX Modules

Trigger Processor

Trigger Processor

The Free State FX Dual Trigger Processor is a sophisticated utility module capable of being either an envelope generator, LFO, or drum synthesizer.

ADSR Envelope Generator

  • Quartic attack, exponential decay, exponential release.
  • 0.2ms to 8s stage length.

LFO and Tap-Tempo LFO

  • 0.03 Hz to 160 Hz frequency range.
  • Available waveforms: square, triangle, sine, stepped, random.
  • Waveform variations and morphing for each of these: PWM, slope, folding/harmonics, step size, interpolation.
  • Variable phase at reset.
  • Sophisticated tap LFO capable of locking to complex and irregular rhythms.

Drum Synth

  • Channel 1 - 808 inspired kick with additional parameters (tune, punch).
  • Channel 2 - 808 inspired snare with additional parameters (tune, decay), or 808inspried hi-hats.

Operational Modes

  • Twin - Channels 1 and 2 share the same settings, yet can be triggered independently.
  • Split - Channel 1 is edited by knobs 1 and 2. Channel 2 is edited by knobs 3 and 4. A reduced/simplified set of parameters are available when in split mode.
  • Expert - Channels 1 and 2 operate fully independently from each other.


  • Trigger input threshold = 0.6V.
  • 16-bit CV/audio generation with 48kHz sample rate.
  • Envelope output level = 0 to 8V.
  • LFO and Drum Output Levels = 10Vpp.
  • Operates on +/- 15V, and has a dotcom power header for simple integration in to your 5U format synthesizer.

Special thanks to Émilie Gillet for making this module possible.

Fully assembled in Lawrence, Kansas USA.

Open Source


$ 299.00