Macro Digital Oscillator

Macro Digital Oscillator

"What would I do without mine? The #freestatefx MDO is essential to my modular rig. Pure awesomeness!" - Michael Bradford

The Macro Digital Oscillator is a high precision voltage controlled audio source capable of 47 unique models. Each model is controlled by two parameters; color and timbre.

Classic Analog Models

  • CSAW  Yamaha CS-80 sawtooth.
  • /\/I-_-_  Moog Voyager variable waveform.
  • /I/I-_-_  Sawtooth/square morph, with PWM.
  • FOLD  Triangle/sine morph, with wavefolder.

Direct Digital Synthesis

  • _I_I_I_I_  Band-limited Dual Pulse Train, with detuning.
  • SUB-_-_  Square oscillator with variable suboctave.
  • SUB/I  Saw oscillator plus suboctave.
  • SYN-_-_  Dual square oscillator, with hard sync.
  • SYN/I  Dual sawtooth oscillator, with hard sync.
  • /I/Ix3  Triple saw wave oscillator.
  • -_-_x3  Triple square wave oscillator.
  • /\x3  Triple triangle wave oscillator.
  • SIx3  Triple sine wave osillator.
  • RING  Stack of three ring-modulated sine waves.
  • /I/I/I/I/I  Swarm of seven sawtooth waves.
  • /I/I_I_I_  Comb-filtered sawtooth wave.
  • TOY*  Circuit-bent sawtooth generator, with sample rate reduction and bit toggling.
  • ZLPF  Casio CZ style lowpass filter.
  • ZPKF  Casio CZ style peak filter.
  • ZBPF  Casio CZ style bandpass filter.
  • ZHPF  Casio CZ style highpass filter.
  • VOSM  Formant synthesis using three ring modulated/hardsync'ed oscillators.
  • VOWL  Vowel sounds using early computer speech synthesis.
  • VFOF  Vowel sounds using Rodet's FOF synthesis technique.
  • HARM  Additive synthesis usin 12 sine harmonics.
  • FM  2-operator phase-modulation synthesis.
  • FBFM  2-operator phase-modulation synthesis, with carrier feedback.
  • WTFM  2-operator phase-modulation synthesis, with two feedback paths.

Physical Models

  • PLUK  Raw plucked string synthesis.
  • BOWD  Bowed string modeling.
  • BLOW  Reed instrument model.
  • FLUT  Flute instrument model.
  • BELL  Bell model using Risset's additive synthesis technique.
  • DRUM  Metallic drum model using an adaptation of Risset's Bell technique.

Percussive Models

  • KICK  Roland TR-808 kick drum.
  • CYMB  Roland TR-808 cymbal.
  • SNAR  Roland TR-808 snare drum.


  • WTBL  Classic wavetable synthesis.
  • WMAP  Two-dimension wavetable synthesis.
  • WLIN  One-dimensional scanning of all the Macro Digital Oscillator's modes.
  • WTx4  Four-voice variant of WLIN mode.

Noise Sources

  • NOIS  Noise processed by a tuned multimode filter.
  • TWNQ  Noise processed by a dual BP filter.
  • CLKN  Clocked digital noise.
  • CLOU  Cloud of sinusoidal grains.
  • PRTC  Particle synthesis.
  • QPSK  Model of the modulated signals used in digital telecommunications systems.

Additional Settings

The settings menu is accessible by pressing the encoder knob. These settings are not voltage controllable.

  • META CV-controlled mode selection with the FM input.
  • BITS  Bit depth (4 to 16).
  • RATE  Sample Rate (4kHz to 96kHz)
  • TSRC  Trigger source (external or auto).
  • TDLY   Trigger delay time.
  • I\ATT  AD envelope attack time.
  • I\DEC  AD envelope decay time.
  • I\FM  AD envelope to FM.
  • I\TIM  AD envelope to TIMBRE.
  • I\COL  AD envelope to COLOR.
  • I\VCA  AD envelope to VCA.
  • RANG  Range of COARSE knob.
  • OCTV  Octave transpose swich.
  • QNTZ  Quantifies voltage at 1V/OCT input.
  • ROOT  Root note of QNTZ scale
  • FLAT  Detuning in the lower and higher frequencies.
  • DRFT  Drift level.
  • SIGN  Waveform imperfection level.
  • BRIG  Screen brightness ajustment.
  • CAL.  Calibration mode.
  • Width: 2u MU
  • Firmware: Braids 1.9
  • All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 4kHz.
  • CV Input: 12-bit
  • Audio Output: 96kHz, 16-bit audio processing (some algorithms are 2x or 4x oversampled)

Special thanks to Émilie Gillet for making this module possible.

$ 499.00