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FSFX 101: Macro Digital Oscillator

FSFX 101: Macro Digital Oscillator

"What would I do without mine? The #freestatefx MDO is essential to my modular rig. Pure awesomeness!" - Michael Bradford

The FSFX 101 Macro Digital Oscillator is a high precision voltage controlled audio source. The Macro Digital Oscillator offers 47 unique models which puts an entire studios worth of synthesizer architecture in your modular. Each model is controlled by two parameters, called color and timbre.

Classic Analog Models

  • CSAW  Yamaha CS-80 sawtooth.
  • /\/I-_-_  Moog Voyager variable waveform.
  • /I/I-_-_  Sawtooth/square morph, with PWM.
  • FOLD  Triangle/sine morph, with wavefolder.

Direct Digital Synthesis

  • _I_I_I_I_  Band-limited Dual Pulse Train, with detuning.
  • SUB-_-_  Square oscillator with variable suboctave.
  • SUB/I  Saw oscillator plus suboctave.
  • SYN-_-_  Dual square oscillator, with hard sync.
  • SYN/I  Dual sawtooth oscillator, with hard sync.
  • /I/Ix3  Triple saw wave oscillator.
  • -_-_x3  Triple square wave oscillator.
  • /\x3  Triple triangle wave oscillator.
  • SIx3  Triple sine wave osillator.
  • RING  Stack of three ring-modulated sine waves.
  • /I/I/I/I/I  Swarm of seven sawtooth waves.
  • /I/I_I_I_  Comb-filtered sawtooth wave.
  • TOY*  Circuit-bent sawtooth generator, with sample rate reduction and bit toggling.
  • ZLPF  Casio CZ style lowpass filter.
  • ZPKF  Casio CZ style peak filter.
  • ZBPF  Casio CZ style bandpass filter.
  • ZHPF  Casio CZ style highpass filter.
  • VOSM  Formant synthesis using three ring modulated/hardsync'ed oscillators.
  • VOWL  Vowel sounds using early computer speech synthesis.
  • VFOF  Vowel sounds using Rodet's FOF synthesis technique.
  • HARM  Additive synthesis usin 12 sine harmonics.
  • FM  2-operator phase-modulation synthesis.
  • FBFM  2-operator phase-modulation synthesis, with carrier feedback.
  • WTFM  2-operator phase-modulation synthesis, with two feedback paths.

Physical Models

  • PLUK  Raw plucked string synthesis.
  • BOWD  Bowed string modeling.
  • BLOW  Reed instrument model.
  • FLUT  Flute instrument model.
  • BELL  Bell model using Risset's additive synthesis technique.
  • DRUM  Metallic drum model using an adaptation of Risset's Bell technique.

Percussive Models

  • KICK  Roland TR-808 kick drum.
  • CYMB  Roland TR-808 cymbal.
  • SNAR  Roland TR-808 snare drum.


  • WTBL  Classic wavetable synthesis.
  • WMAP  Two-dimension wavetable synthesis.
  • WLIN  One-dimensional scanning of all the Macro Digital Oscillator's modes.
  • WTx4  Four-voice variant of WLIN mode.

Noise Sources

  • NOIS  Noise processed by a tuned multimode filter.
  • TWNQ  Noise processed by a dual BP filter.
  • CLKN  Clocked digital noise.
  • CLOU  Cloud of sinusoidal grains.
  • PRTC  Particle synthesis.
  • QPSK  Model of the modulated signals used in digital telecommunications systems.

Additional Settings

The settings menu is accessible by pressing the encoder knob. These settings are not voltage controllable.

  • META CV-controlled mode selection with the FM input.
  • BITS  Bit depth (4 to 16).
  • RATE  Sample Rate (4kHz to 96kHz)
  • TSRC  Trigger source (external or auto).
  • TDLY   Trigger delay time.
  • I\ATT  AD envelope attack time.
  • I\DEC  AD envelope decay time.
  • I\FM  AD envelope to FM.
  • I\TIM  AD envelope to TIMBRE.
  • I\COL  AD envelope to COLOR.
  • I\VCA  AD envelope to VCA.
  • RANG  Range of COARSE knob.
  • OCTV  Octave transpose swich.
  • QNTZ  Quantifies voltage at 1V/OCT input.
  • ROOT  Root note of QNTZ scale
  • FLAT  Detuning in the lower and higher frequencies.
  • DRFT  Drift level.
  • SIGN  Waveform imperfection level.
  • BRIG  Screen brightness ajustment.
  • CAL.  Calibration mode.
  • Width: 2u MU
  • Firmware: Braids 1.9
  • All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 4kHz.
  • CV Input: 12-bit
  • Audio Output: 96kHz, 16-bit audio processing (some algorithms are 2x or 4x oversampled)

Special thanks to Émilie Gillet for making this module possible.

$ 490.00