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Custom Shop: Fixed Filter Bank

Custom Shop: Fixed Filter Bank
The FSFX Custom Shop Fixed Filter Bank is a modern twist on the Classic Moog 914 Filter Bank. A total of 14 filters are used to create an effect like a graphic equalizer, but with bandpass filters that offer steeper slopes and a tasteful bit of resonance. Active filters are used for excellent signal to noise ratio, and increased output volume.
The Fixed Filter Bank can be used like the fader section of a mixer to blend together different frequency ranges of complex sounds. It can also be used to dial in resonant peaks typically found in nature and acoustic instruments. A wide stereo image can be created by utilizing the Odd and Even Outputs. The Fixed Filter Bank serves a unique and useful purpose for the creative synthesist.

Each module is fully hand assembled in Lawrence, KS. Built to order. Assembly time is typically 3-4 weeks.
  • Lowpass Filter with -24dB/oct Slope
  • 12 Fixed Bandpass Filters with -12dB/octave Slopes
  • Highpass Filter with -24dB/octave Slope
  • Attenuator for Each Filter
  • Low and High Inputs
  • All, Even, and Odd Outputs
  • 1% Metal Film Film Resistors
  • Polyester Film Capacitors
  • Wurth Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Alpha Pots
  • ¼” Switchcraft Jacks
  • 4u Wide MU Format
  • Module Depth = 3.125 in.
  • Yusynth Fixed Filter Bank PCB
  • Current Use: 15V = 70 mA; -15V = 70 mA
  • dotcom Power Header
Please Allow four weeks for assembly of the Fixed Filter Bank.
$ 799.00