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Custom Shop: MOTM 440 OTA Lowpass Filter

Custom Shop: MOTM 440 OTA Lowpass Filter

An instant classic back in year 2000, the MOTM 440 OTA Lowpass VCF is one of the most sought out filters in all of modular synthesis. It's growling characteristics, paired with the unique "Bass Enhance" switch make the 440 one of the most popular Lowpass filters of all times. Now available in 1u wide MU format from the Free State FX Custom Shop.

Built to order. Assembly time is typically 3-4 weeks.


  • Based on the SSM2040 Filter
  • Discrete OTA Gain Cells
  • 4-Poles with 24dB/OCT Slope
  • Frequency Knob
  • 1V/OCT FM Input
  • FM Input with Attenuverter
  • Resonance Knob
  • Resonance Control Voltage Input (0-5V)
  • Bass Enhance Switch
  • High and Low Audio Inputs
  • Shielded wire on Audio Inputs / Output
  • Polystyrene Capacitors in Filter Core
  • Nichicon Muse Electrolytic Capacitors in Audio Section
  • Metal Film and Carbon Film Resistors
  • 1u Wide MU Format
  • Module Depth 5.156 in. (dotcom 22-Space Portable Cabinet compatible)
  • MOTM 440 Rev B PCB
  • Current Use: 15V = 24 mA; -15V = 20 mA
  • dotcom Power Header
$ 450.00