Black Box 22 w/ FSFX 112 Power Input & Active Multiples

Black Box 22 w/ FSFX 112 Power Input & Active Multiples
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FSFX 112 Power Input Features
  • Connection between the FSFX 112 Power Input and the FSFX 111 Power Supply is via a 4 ft. 4-pin XLR cable. Cable included.
  • Three relays, one for each power rail, are used to turn power on to the cabinet. An automatic time delay circuit is used to power each cabinet on one at a time. The delay time is adjustable behind the panel. The power delay reduces in rush current (a common problem with large modular systems)
  • Status LED for each power rail.
  • (2) Active Multiples - 1 Input to 4 Output.

Black Box 22 Features

  • Turn-key solution to begin or expand upon your modular synthesizer journey.
  • Holds 22 MU modules total. Since a power module is included with each Black Box 22, there is room for 21 additional modules.
  • Removable lid.
  • Constructed out of 7-ply Birch plywood. Excellent strength to weight ratio.
  • Solid maple module mounting rails drilled at standard MU spacing. The module mounting rail is offset in to the cabinet 1 inch.
  • Black Oxide module mounting screws with black plastic washers pre-mounted.
  • Three layers of Duratex textured coating.
  • Handle, butterfly latches, hinges, and corner protection made by Penn Elcom. Finished in a flat black powdercoat.
  • (2) FSFX Power Bus PCBs each with 11 power headers (dotcom standard).
  • (12) Two foot long power cables (dotcom standard).
  • Approximate 6 in. of depth behind panel.
  • Overall dimension: Height = 20 in. Width = 25 in. Depth w/ Lid = 11 in. Depth w/o Lid = 9 in.
$ 850.00